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welcome to my blog ♥
if you are unhappy with anything , just go away .


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Sunday, September 28, 2008 ♥

my little biao di sleep on my bed
for 3 hours
he very good in sleeping ya?
xiang bu dao
he niao niao on my bed
so ke lian lo me
how i wan to sleep 2night?
so my mummy call me use
cui fong tong cui ta gan
i wan bit him also cannot
he so cute
he call my 'jie'
candal jiejie
candal so siok
but he dun lik eat rice...
so hampir always
his mummy bring rotan n xia ta
so cute isn't him
but he now very naughty lo
bit him also bu pa..


it is all about simplicity (:

Friday, September 19, 2008 ♥

very kiam pa la
the boyz in my class
they all dunno wat eyes
say Miss.C.Y.P is pretty ar
n is our class de 'ban hua'
all go die la
n tat 'kor' dunno y will lik her
vivien is better thn her u noe?
sum of our girl also say vivien is better
vivien shen cai is good n she is pretty
she is very nice girl u noe?
n she will not proud n very gud wif us
vivien is the real'ban hua' for us
n C.Y.P
she just shen cai hao n not pretty thn vivien
(i noe i say lik tat will hurt her but i really bu shuang la,
hope u all will keep tis secret)

'jie' ar...
u also zhan cheng me hor!
i really not so lik her
tat 'kor'ar really kiam pa too
i ask him y will lik her
he say: xi huan shi bu neng jie shi de
go die la u
i feel tat she so 'hiao'
but wo ba ta dang cheng fren
so dun wan tell her

suck the boyz..
n also 'kor'


it is all about simplicity (:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ♥

2day is my birthday..
so happy
receive many 'happy birthday'in my phone..
including my dear sis in KL
thx u all guys
n 1 boy in my class is same day wif me...
in the afternoon
i say happy birthday to him lo...
but he dunno he is same day wif me
so i tell him...

in afternoon to...
Mr C.S.Y hav my ph no. from my 'jie'(candal)
my'jie' is very sad 2day
bcause of tat MrC.S.Y
so he hav my ph n call me
ask me wat happen to my'jie'
i tell him lo
they r very fan ar
always call me n ask me(but nvm de la,bcause they r my fren)
i bcum their(中间人)
so in the end the problem is ok le...
they talk n sms again
they not bf n gf

then about 6.??
my dad take my biao di go swimming
i no swimming
they hav a lot of fun
wan bc le
but my cute cute de biao di dun wan go home
still wan ply
thn my dad say
ltr the guide catch u if u dun go
thn he zi hao follow us go bc...

my cake....
so yummy
i choose de
so nice...
i hav take sum pic on my yummy cake
thn recieve'angpao'
from my popo n gugu
wah so many money lo
but cannot tell u alll...paiseh lorh...
still hav 1 hrs n ??minutes thn is my dad birthday le
our birthday is 相差1 day onli
so happy

wah..is a wonderful day 2 day
hope my sis n my'jie' will happy always
n dun sad again le 'jie'


it is all about simplicity (:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 ♥

long time no saying a lot wif him lo...
2day very happy bcause we start hav fun wif Miss.Y.J.Y n Mr.Y.K.S(娘) n MR.W.Y.M
tat Y.K.S is very funny la,always say a lot bside me(他制造噪音,烦死了)
but very funny
always call me sit bside W.Y.M ,so i call him sit bside Miss.T.X.Y
(kiam pa nia)
but nvm la
just kai wan xiao ba le...
tt candal always wan sms wif Mr.C.S.Y nia
dun wan chating wif me n sms wif me...
so enjoy la,candal

i hate seni lo..
very difficult for drawing n painting
but my class hav many people good in seni
i feel very sad...
after seeing teacher painting,
i noe sedikit liao lo...

my birthday wan coming le
still hav a few minutes
now is 11.35
still hav 25 minute
i wanna go to room liao lo
hav a nice dream everybody tat i luv...


it is all about simplicity (:

Saturday, September 13, 2008 ♥

2day is my first time write blog...
feel so happy but also "shuai"

thx candal help me to do tis blog
thx u....muack...
2day wake up feel a bit bit bu shu fu
thn feel a bit bit pain
afternoon also same

whn i go tuition.....
thr no body,u know y?
bc 2day sum of my fren hav"bu ke"so she din come early
the teacher is very funny lo
i lik go his tuition lo
after tuition......
father n mother bring me go billion gai gai
so siok!!!
but whn i walk ,suddenly i saw
LLL n his husband...
they no bring their daughter n son come gai gai...
so i cant see my fren...

ok la ....
2day until here...
goodnight n hav a nice dream...


it is all about simplicity (: