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welcome to my blog ♥
if you are unhappy with anything , just go away .


Xin Rou ♥


DBSK ♥ Suju ♥ Purple ♥ My Frens ♥ n so many other things ♥


a new phone ♥ new clothes ♥ new laptop ♥ n others ♥



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Friday, September 25, 2009 ♥

i can't download song to my phone arh....
if u all free d can help me download these song marh?tqtq...
if can tell me...tq very much o....

super junior-its you
wonder girls-nobody
girl generation-so nyu shi dae
2NE1-i don't care
2pm-again n again

tis 5 song only...can de hua remember to tell me o...
lik their song so muchy....


it is all about simplicity (:

i lik tis song...

it is all about simplicity (:

It’s you(It’s you)
It’s you(It’s you)
DONGHAE:Nan neoppoonirago(KYUHYUN:Neorago)
You’re the only one for me(It’s you)
It’s you(It’s you)

DONGHAE:Dareun saram piryo eobseo naneun geunyang neorago (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

DONGHAE:Dashi hanbeon mooreo bwado naneun geunyang neorago (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

KYUHYUN:Imi neoneun dareun saranghaeggejjiman (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

KYUHYUN:Nohchil sooga eobseo dashi dorikil soo eobseo Oh~ (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

YESUNG:Nae noonbichi ddeugeoweodeon soongane (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

YESUNG:Gaseum gipeun moseul bakdeon soongane (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

LEETEUK:Miryeon eobshi baro neoreul seontaekhaesseo (KYUHYUN:Neorago) Geurae nan neorago

YESUNG:Oh nan~
SIWON:Geu nooga nooga mweorado naneun sanggwan eobdago

SIWON:Geu nooga nooga yokhaedo neoman barabondago

RYEOWOOK:Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago

(jakkoo jakkoo~) Shigani heulleodo

KANGIN:Neol saranghanda marhaedo cheonbeon manbeon marhaedo

KANGIN:Nae gaseum sok da booltago mareun ipsool dwedorok

KYUHYUN:Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago

(jakkoo jakkoo~) Shigani heulleodo


EUNHYUK:Oh oh only for you Oh oh only for you
EUNHYUK:Oh oh only for you Oh oh only for you
LEETEUK:Oh oh only for you Oh oh only for you
LEETEUK:Oh oh only for you (KYUHYUN:Neorago/It’s You)

KANGIN:Amoo maldo piryo eobseo nan geunyang neorago (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

KANGIN:Neomoo neujeoddago haedo nan geunyang neorago (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

SUNGMIN:Jalmotdwen sarangin geol algo ijjiman (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

SUNGMIN:Pogihal soo eobseo jeoldae nohchil sooneun eobseo Oh oh~

(KYUHYUN:Neorago/It’s you)
EUNHYUK:Chadachan nae ipsooreun deo booreune (KYUHYUN:Neorago

SHINDONG:Ddeugeowoopge neoreul chaja wechine (KYUHYUN:Neorago)

RYEOWOOK:Boolleobwado daedapeobneun neoijiman(KYUHYUN:Neorago) Neol gidarindago

HANGENG:Geu nooga nooga mweorado naneun sanggwan eobdago

KYUHYUN:Geu nooga nooga yokhaedo neoman barabondago

YESUNG:Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago

(jakkoo jakkoo~) Shigani heulleodo

SUNGMIN:Neol saranghanda marhaedo cheonbeon manbeon marhaedo

SUNGMIN:Nae gaseum sok da booltago mareun ipsool dwedorok

KYUHYUN:Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago

(jakkoo jakkoo~) Shigani heulleodo

EUNHYUK:Oh oh only for you Oh oh only for you
HEECHUL:Nan neorago neorago naneun

DONGHAE:Wae moreuni? Wae moreuni?

HEECHUL:Nan neorago neorago nan~

SIWON:Geu nooga nooga mweorado naneun sanggwan eobdago (YESUNG:Nan sanggwan eobdago)

SIWON:Geu nooga nooga yokhaedo neoman barabondago (YESUNG:Neol barabwa Hey~)

RYEOWOOK:Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago (jakkoo jakkoo~) Shigani heulleodo

(YESUNG:Heulleodo Ah~ oh yeah~)

DONGHAE:Neol saranghanda marhaedo cheonbeon manbeon marhaedo

DONGHAE:Nae gaseum sok da booltago mareun ipsool dwedorok (YESUNG:Ipsool dwedorok Oh baby~)

KYUHYUN:Na dashi taeyeonandedo ojik neoppoonirago (jakkoo jakkoo~)

YESUNG&KYUHYUN:Shigani heulleodo



HEECHUL:Nan neopponnirago(KYUHYUN:Neorago)


it is all about simplicity (:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 ♥

U-know so geng so hot...i lik tis so much!!!!

it is all about simplicity (:

it is all about simplicity (:

they r so hot...

it is all about simplicity (:

hav sum korean song also very nice d...u wan hear , ming??
i type 4 u la...hehe...im now listening dbsk song...
BigBang d song also very nice 1....u go hear...very nice 1...

-haru haru(一天又一天)
-my girl
-number 1
-oh ma baby
-this love

n this is wonder girls d...i only noe this only...n BoA d my name also nice...
-tell me

listening dbsk song now too...u good in chinese song n i good in korean song...hehe...
hav wad nice song thn i tell u again la...hahaha...


it is all about simplicity (:

here is u wan d nice songs frm dbsk o, ming....
-mirotic -trick
-wrong number
-summer dream
-恶女(Are you A Good girl)
-step by step
-hey(don't bring me down)
-somebody to love
-share the world
-survivor(cute song)
-balloon(cute song)
-love in the ice(nice song,so gamdong)
-purple line
-Hi ya ya 夏日
-crazy love
-choosey lover
-crazy life(U-know)
-beautiful you
-ride on
-my girl
-darkness eyes
-dangerous mind
-close to you
-box in the ship

n hav so many.....cannot write habis...


it is all about simplicity (:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ♥

they r so cute...cool...n wadever....the most important is i lik tis song so much...lik it...i lik watching their mv!!!

it is all about simplicity (:

i lik tis song n mv so much!!!so cool...it's also a very cute song too...so happy...
hope u all will lik it yarh...
dbsk aja aja fighting...
"always keep the faith"


it is all about simplicity (:

today so moody arh...but horh...after watching dbsk n suju mv im so happy....
tis mv nice~~hope u all see liao also happy la...
although we dunno wad they singing but everytime i use my heart to listen it...i can feel it...very nice..
i lik to sing dbsk n suju song!!


it is all about simplicity (:

Thursday, September 17, 2009 ♥

junsu oppa is so shy...

they are giving flower to u alrd...
hav u recieve it??haha...

they are so hot right?
candal u dun pengsan gok harh...

eunhyuk is sleeping so sweetly...

hope u enjoy it...hav a nice day v they 2 la...hehe...sry if the pic jump here n there

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it is all about simplicity (:

so cute isn't it?my cutie,hot,handsome yunho...it is so cool...i haven't see it b4...
made by candal...she is so clever leh...i dunno how she did it d...
i lik it so much...hav my favourite yunho,purple colour....
ltr i will go find some junsu n eunhyuk n post it 4 u...hehe...
OMG...wan pengsan liao~~
tiz is 2nd post today...


it is all about simplicity (:

my b'day cake~~so yummy....i 4got to pai1 so only left half...hehe

all so cute~~

this is all my b'day present...

thx u all for given me this present...i really like it...so cute...today is also my dad b'day...
tat time i go out v my sis thn we bought a wallet 4 him...thn yesterday we put the present on the bed thn after tat he open it lo...he old 1 is also same size v him neh...bcuz it used a long time liao so he dun wan use arh bcuz his things is too many n the wallet couldn't fit it...lolz...
so i dun care la...he wan use jiu use dun wan just suan...hahaha...happy b'day yarh dad!!!


it is all about simplicity (:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ♥

wakakaz...today is my b'day lo...so happy but also ya1 li4 too...dunno tat novel will cum out wad question...hope is easy easy d la...i wan my green tea cake la...yo~~pekcek arh!!!me cannot type chines cuz the word will jump here n there....see le jiu pekcek...hehe...today dunno will how...aikss..dun bother la...die jiu die la...choi choi choi~~~
b'day d must happy o...nth to say liao...2night cai post the present d pic la...hehe...happy b'day to me!!!


it is all about simplicity (:

Monday, September 14, 2009 ♥

yesterday is my ruirui d birthday yarh. she recieve so many present n some quite big, so her bag was also very big n round.hehe...wish u happy everyday o...n don put black face la..hahaha...
n thx 4 candal n xin yie for given me my birthday present too...candal,thx 4 u birthday card o,it is so nice n so creative n 1 dbsk A4 picture,so cool!!n xin yie thx o...ltr i will upload the pic d...
Happy Birthday

1. So proud of you for being such a great trust worthy friend.
2. I believe you for doing everything good for yourself.
3. I'll always stand by u, don't worry. :)
4. Don't simply let guys hug you eh!
5. We're always together, aren't we?? :)
6. You got the wrong number~
7. Don't get crazy over love yeah?

p/s:I hav use the pink colour the colour u most lik to write all the dbsk song.
u don't mind i post it gua??bcuz it is so meaning to me...hehe...
the pink word all is dbsk d song....so creative u...

Happy 14th Birthday! you'd finally turned 14 already :) well, first i wanna thank you for being such an awesome, smart, reliable friend :) Not just a friend, but a best friend. thanks for everything~ Take good care of yourself ah,don't go touch detergent XD. Always be the way you are.

p/s:u are also such an awesome friend to me.love u yarh...muacks...bffcandal<


it is all about simplicity (:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 ♥



it is all about simplicity (: